An ambulance was called to an 80-year-old woman for a general worsening of health condition. The patient was admitted to the emergency department, during initial triage hypotension was found. You are admitting the patient for continuous monitoring.

History: one week ago, she fell at the bus stop and bruised her hip. She was admitted to the department of traumatology for analgesic therapy, and after three days she was discharged in good health condition.

At the moment, she is complaining of general weakness, no other symptoms.

Physical examination: well-oriented in time and space, dehydrated, BP 80/40 mmHg, pulse 80 bpm, sinus rhythm, auscultation with negative finding as well as the examination of the abdomen and lower limbs, lactate five mmol/l.


Working diagnosis: dehydration, but we need to exclude sepsis.


Bed-side ultrasonography was performed 10 minutes after admission:

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