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Echocardiography and Hemodynamics Lung and thoracic ultrasound Vascular ultrasound

145. Dyspnea in the ICU

An 80-year-old patient underwent abdominal surgery (part of the small intestine was resected due to ischemia). Dyspnea developed on the 3rd day after extubation. Tachypnea with RR of about 30/minute. Physiological blood gas exchange. No antibiotic therapy. Lab tests revealed decreasing levels of inflammatory markers. No metabolic acidosis was present. We started looking for the …

Echocardiography and Hemodynamics Lung and thoracic ultrasound Vascular ultrasound

144. Hypoxemia of an unclear aetiology

An 82-year-old patient underwent surgery for big retrosternal goitre. The jugular approach was used. Patient´s medical history had been minimal so far. Bleeding into surgical wound occurred shortly after surgery. Prompt re-intubation and surgical revision were necessary. A short period of haemodynamic instability occurred during surgical revision. Blood loss of 500 ml was compensated via …

Vascular ultrasound

131. Deep vein thrombosis

A patient in haemorrhagic shock was receiving mechanical ventilation. The shock developed due to bleeding into retroperitoneum, which resulted from anticoagulation therapy received for deep vein thrombosis. Thrombosis was found in the popliteal vein previously. Distal veins of the calf were of confusing appearance.   Check ultrasonography of the left calf was performed:

Echocardiography and Hemodynamics Vascular ultrasound

122. State after ventricular fibrillation – part I

A 76-year-old patient was admitted to hospital for state after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. According to witnesses, the patient collapsed and was unconscious. Basic life support had not been performed. After the arrival of an ambulance, cardiac massage and artificial ventilation were started. Quick ECG analysis revealed stimulated ventricular rhythm without a palpable pulse over carotid …

Echocardiography and Hemodynamics Lung and thoracic ultrasound Vascular ultrasound

117. Infection or SIRS? – part I

A 60-year-old patient, day four after the hip endoprosthesis surgery on the right side. The operation was performed in spinal anaesthesia without insertion of a central venous catheter. Bleeding out of surgical drain appeared during the postoperative period – conservative approach, two transfusions of packed red blood cells. The patient was transferred to ICU due …

Abdominal ultrasound Lung and thoracic ultrasound Vascular ultrasound

104. Suspicion of pulmonary embolism in the terrain of renal insufficiency

A patient was admitted to hospital for gradually worsening dyspnea during the last 14 days. She presented with hypoxemia, hypercapnia, respiratory acidosis not compensated metabolically and with significant spastic breathing sounds bilateral. She is severely obese (155 kg). Her history encompasses nephrectomy for renal carcinoma, hysterectomy for adenocarcinoma and right hemicolectomy for ascending colon carcinoma. …

Echocardiography and Hemodynamics Lung and thoracic ultrasound Vascular ultrasound

75. Heart failure complicated by sepsis – part I

A 69-year-old man with a history of chronic ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and chronic heart failure. He underwent implantation of CRT (biventricular cardiac resynchronisation stimulation therapy) one year ago. Now the patient was admitted to the department of internal medicine for worsening dyspnea. Coronarography revealed the diffuse 3-vessels disease. The finding did not require …

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