A 19-year-old man, healthy so far, he said he used some illicit drugs due to psychic problems 14 days ago.

Today, he went to the toilet. After 15 minutes, he was found unconscious lying on the floor. He was cyanotic while breathing spontaneously. An ambulance was called. Haemodynamically stable patient was transferred to the hospital with maintained airways. CT of the brain revealed no pathology.

Massive aspiration into the right bronchial tree was revealed during bronchoscopy, evacuation of the aspirate followed (pH 4.0). Then the patient started receiving support ventilation. After 12 hours, the patient was extubated and was haemodynamically stable over time.

Screening of urine for drugs was negative, without laboratory signs of inflammation, slight elevation of creatinine, lymphocytosis, mild elevation of transaminases.


Following recordings were captured during abdominal ultrasonography:

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