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Atlas of the Point Of Care UltraSound



Welcome on pages presenting real medical and surgical cases encountered in daily clinical practice which were solved using POCUS.

This unique atlas of clinical cases includes patients stories presenting with various symptoms of different severities containing over 3000 pictures and videos. Encountered conditions reach from circulatory failure, dyspnea or hypoxemia to trauma, abdominal pain,

or searching a source of infection.  The underlying pathophysiology and its sonographic manifestation have been explained. Sonographic pictures and videos are demonstrated along with the patient’s clinical and laboratory data as well as findings of other diagnostics.

Let you see how the POCUS can be used in order to find the underlying diagnosis, how to choose the right therapy options, or how to observe the effects of your interventions. That is not a book; it is more an interactive product – at the end of each case, you can discuss the findings with the authors and other readers.


The access to the full content you have to become a premium member, but you can only look at some free cases.

Have a lot of fun by reading the POCUS Cases.

Milan Kocian, MD.


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