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Abdominal ultrasound

115. Pyelonephritis

A patient was admitted to hospital for worsening dysuria (lasting one week), the onset of fever and back pain on the left side. She was admitted to ICU for fever, hypotension and tachycardia. Administration of catecholamines was necessary. Haemocultures were positive for E. coli. Ultrasonography during admission did not reveal congestion in the urinary tract. …

Abdominal ultrasound

114. High inflammatory markers after the surgery

A patient underwent surgery due to mechanical ileus, which developed due to adhesions one week ago. Adhesiolysis was performed. After the operation, values of inflammatory markers increased. The abdomen was slightly sensitive to palpation. It did not show signs of peritoneal irritation; auscultation revealed peristalsis at all quadrants. Peroral intake of food was restored. The …

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